Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle, the most basic form of Sacred Geometry. Circular forms have been used as tools for spiritual contemplation and representations of wholeness by both Eastern and Western cultures. They are symbols for the archetype of integration.

In Tibetan Buddhism, mandalas are believed to be the spiritual embodiment of the Buddha. Meditating on a mandala is considered a path to enlightenment. Native American traditions used circular sand paintings for healing and transformation. And in Christianity, one of the most beautiful mandalas is the stained glass Rose Window at Notre Dame in Paris.

I am inspired to paint mandalas both as an expression and an experience of connection to the Divine. The symmetry, color, texture, and feminine forms are food for my soul.

You may find that gazing at a mandala stimulates various energy centers in the body, sometimes producing tingles, sometimes profound relaxation. Let yourself be drawn to one and just notice what happens when you focus on the center.


About my Mandalas:

The round mandalas that I create are painted on convex Fredrix canvasses (you can get them at www.dickblick.com) with acrylic paints. Most are embellished with dimensional paint, which is sold in small bottles for use on fabric. This gives a wonderful textured effect. Sometimes I use clear dimensional paint that glows in the dark. It’s nice to have a full lotus mandala on your wall even after the lights are off. Some paintings also have clear or colored crystals for additional highlights.

I have experimented with using handmade Thai lace paper both over and under acrylic paint. This lends a delicate and feminine feel and a beautiful texture.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about materials and/or techniques from collectors or other artists. Contact me at charlotte@mandalavisions.com or 949-413-2251