Peanut, the orange tabby, loves to cuddle under the covers on cold nights, putting his head next to mine on the pillow. He is always available for petting, purring, and playing.

He is the consummate teacher of the art of napping, and I am a good student.


Princess Jasmine, the more elusive furry muse, graciously allows herself to be petted occasionally. At only 6 pounds, we call her our mini-Maine Coon, since she has the voluminous fur and chatty vocabulary of the larger version. You can see she is quite coy, with a sense of humor.


Here is a picture of me with Hal, my most wonderful husband. His constant love and encouragement is my foundation. He is my biggest fan and regularly brings me soy lattes or Barry's tea to fuel my creative fires.

I can be contacted for commissions by either email
or by calling 949-413-2251.